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Monday, July 02, 2007

Indian OA journal and Nature discuss a partnership

Divya Gandhi, Current Science, Nature in tie-up, The Hindu, July 3, 2007.

[India's] premier science journal, Current Science, will, in all likelihood, soon bear on its cover the logo of the Nature Publishing Group (NPG), publishers of Nature magazine. The U.K.-based NPG and Current Science Association are set to get into a unique publishing partnership, the proposal for which is in the initial stages....

One of the “pre-requisites” the IAS [Indian Academy of Sciences] insisted upon for the future tie-up was that Current Science, which has open-source access online, must be allowed to retain it, said [G. Madhavan, executive secretary of the IAS]. The title links for the article will direct the user to the IAS server, where the full text can be viewed.

Nature does not normally allow open access for content on its website. In fact, much of the negotiations between the two publications revolved around this issue, and it appears that Current Science won its point.

“It is perhaps the first time that Nature will have on its site a journal that has an open access, even if on another site” said Mr. Madhavan....


Update. I asked Timo Hannay (Director of Web Publishing at Nature) whether I missed any of Nature's OA projects or experiments in my list above. He replied:

You certainly got most of our major open access projects. You could possibly have added: