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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Les Carr's new blog on running a repository

Les Carr has launched a blog, RepositoryMan.  He describes it as

The Blog of a repository administrator. Les Carr is a researcher and lecturer who runs a research repository for the School of Electronics and Computer Science in the University of Southampton in the UK. This blog is to record the day to day activities of a repository manager.

From his third post, Some Background:

Just for the record, I ought to explain a bit about the repository that I manage.

The repository contains about 10,000 records and gets about 600 new deposits per year. There are 2400 papers published since 2004, of which 1400 have open access full texts. I'll have more to say on this percentage later.

It started off life as a bibliography database and was migrated to EPrints in Spring 2000. Its use as a bibliographic record of all school output was already well established but a full text mandate was added in January 2003....

In the steady state, therefore, once you have got your repository up and running and everyone is used to using it, you can see that the resource requirements for a school repository are not onerous! ...

PS:  Les is a frequent contributor to OA discussions and I expect that RepositoryMan will often cover OA.  Welcome to the blogosphere, Les!