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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The EU is funding "conclusive experiments with OA"

In May I blogged the planned call for proposals 2007 from the 2007 Work Programme of the EU's eContentPlus project.  The final call for proposals is now online.  (Thanks to Napoleon Miradon.)  Excerpt from the English-language edition:

5.3. Targeted projects for scientific/scholarly content

Objective:  Improve the spread of European research results through conclusive experiments with open access to digital libraries of scientific/scholarly content. The latter refers to organised collections of published results of scientistsí or scholarsí research work in the EU Member States or other countries participating in the programme and includes both articles, papers, conference proceedings, monographs, textbooks and other similar publications and the related underlying datasets.

Conditions:  In addition to the common requirements for Targeted Projects [see Section 2.3], proposals should meet the following conditions:

  • Carry out conclusive experiments on new models and processes involving different types of relevant stakeholders, i.e. academic community, libraries, institutional repositories, scientific publishers and the funding bodies.
  • The needs of the users (i.e. researchers) should be taken into account, ensuring the right balance between the desirable dissemination of research results and the equally necessary protection of IPR.
  • The projects should build on existing experience at the national, European and international level.

Expected results:  Digital scientific/scholarly content held by different types of stakeholders is aggregated and made interoperable and available for open access across borders.

Applications are due on October 4, 2007.  The awards will be announced in May 2008.