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Monday, July 23, 2007

Australia's e-Research Strategy

Mike Sargent, An Australian e-Research Strategy and Implementation Framework, the Australian Department of Education, Science and Training and the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, April 2006.  Excerpt:

…In 2004, the Australian Government recognised that a cohesive and coordinated approach to accelerate the uptake of e-Research by the research community was needed….In April 2005, the e-Research Coordinating Committee was established…to provide expert advice to the Government about developing Australia’s e-Research capacity….This report is the culmination of the e-Research Coordinating Committee’s work and proposes the implementation of a strategic framework and activities to accelerate the development of Australia’s e-Research capabilities….

A key enabler for e-Research in Australia is to give researchers seamless access to resources, including each other. Resources are distributed in various areas of Australia and overseas and include: digital data repositories….

It is important to researchers, students and the public that research results be accessible as early as possible in the research cycle to better inform their research endeavours and taking into account confidentiality requirements.

The Australian Government is committed to developing a Research Accessibility Framework for publicly funded research to ensure that information about research and how to access it is available to researchers and the wider community….

The Australian Government has spent close to $40 million on projects that are paving the way for improved access to research data….

The e-Research consultation process around Australia highlighted the critical need for researchers to have access to data, whether it be scientific data generated by scientific facilities or humanities and social sciences data from historical records and whether it is held in Australia or overseas….