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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Augmenting interoperability for repositories

Simeon Warner and five co-authors, Pathways: augmenting interoperability across scholarly repositories, International Journal on Digital Libraries, May 15, 2007.   Only this abstract is free online, at least so far:

In the emerging eScience environment, repositories of papers, datasets, software, etc., should be the foundation of a global and natively-digital scholarly communications system. The current infrastructure falls far short of this goal. Cross-repository interoperability must be augmented to support the many workflows and value-chains involved in scholarly communication. This will not be achieved through the promotion of single repository architecture or content representation, but instead requires an interoperability framework to connect the many heterogeneous systems that will exist.

We present a simple data model and service architecture that augments repository interoperability to enable scholarly value-chains to be implemented. We describe an experiment that demonstrates how the proposed infrastructure can be deployed to implement the workflow involved in the creation of an overlay journal over several different repository systems (Fedora, aDORe, DSpace and arXiv).

PS:  Also see an OA paper of the same title (“Augmenting Interoperability Across Scholarly Repositories”) by two of the co-authors of the current paper (Jeroen Bekaert and Herbert Van de Sompel), blogged here August 5, 2006.