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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wellcome's OA images from the history of medicine

Free, unlimited access to two thousand years of mankind and medicine in pictures made available through Creative Commons Licence, a press release from the Wellcome Trust, June 18, 2007.  Excerpt:

Teachers, students, academics and the public can now download and use images depicting 2,000 years of mankind and medicine for free, thanks this newly launched website from the Wellcome Trust.

Launched on 15 June 2007, 'Wellcome Images' is the world's leading source of images on the history of medicine, modern biomedical science and clinical medicine. All content has been made available under a Creative Commons Licence, which allows users to copy, distribute and display the image, provided the source is fully attributed and it is used for non-commercial purposes....

Catherine Draycott Head of Wellcome Images, explains: 'Wellcome Images is an invaluable tool for teachers and researchers of medical history, health, clinical and biomedical sciences. Through visuals users are able to develop a more profound understanding of human and animal biology, and can use them in their research and teaching. What is unusual for a picture library of this nature, is that the online service is completely free.'  ...

Update. Klaus Graf objects that Wellcome wants to restrict commercial use, that it wants to do so in ways that are inconsistent with the CC-NC license, that some of these images are under copyright by others and should not be restricted or licensed by Wellcome, and that some are in the public domain and should not be restricted at all.