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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The UK Depot officially launches today

Although the Depot was announced back in April, it wasn't officially launched until today at the JISC conference About Digital repositories: Dealing with the digital deluge (Manchester, June 5-6, 2007).  From JISC's new announcement:

Launch of the Depot at national conference marks ‘repositories milestone’

A major JISC conference...which begins today at Manchester University, sees the launch of the Depot, a national JISC-funded repository based at EDINA in the University of Edinburgh. This will enable all UK researchers to deposit their academic papers and other outputs under terms of Open Access, including those whose institution does not yet have a repository. The new service, with its simple message and advice to “put it in the Depot”, represents an important step in the development of a scholarly communications environment for UK education and research.

Institutional and national repositories have been identified by national and European bodies as vital to a research infrastructure that is able to make research and other outputs visible and accessible. The conference will provide delegates from across the UK with an opportunity to measure progress and to plan for the next phase of repositories development....