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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweden aims to increase OA share of national research output

Sweden's has announced a new project to improve the infrastructure for the nation's research output and at the same time to increase the OA portion of that output.  The project is called Unified access to and reporting of Swedish scientific publications.  (Thanks to Co-Action.)  Excerpt:

...[S]oon you will be able to access the total Swedish research publishing output at a single place. A planned new service aims to improve the accessibility and visibility of research publications created by Swedish researchers, including a growing share of Open Access web publications. It will also provide a secure infrastructure for the reporting of research output. The National Library of Sweden has granted 1.5 million [kroner] to a project led by the university libraries of Uppsala, Lund and Gothenburg in cooperation with the Department for LIBRIS at the National Library

Unified access to and reporting of Swedish scientific publications

The project will develop a service that

  • Harvests metadata for all Swedish scientific publications from the publication databases of all Higher Education institutions
  • Makes the metadata accessible for searching by end users and for harvesting to other services
  • Facilitates the use of the metadata for the reporting and analysis of the Swedish scientific publishing output.

The strategic aim is to

  • Improve the visibility of Swedish scientific publications
  • Improve the accessibility of Swedish scientific publications,
  • Increase the share of Swedish scientific publications that is Open Access
  • Provide a unified and comparable basis for reporting of Swedish scientific publishing output
  • Provide incentives for institutional publication databases to increase their coverage and adhere to common standards...