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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Survey needs help

The Primary Research Group is planning a survey of institutional "depositories" and posted a call for help earlier today on the Archives & Archivists List.  (Thanks to Klaus Graf.)  Excerpt:

Primary Research Group, publisher of research reports and benchmarking studies about libraries, is planning to publish a survey of digital depositories in higher education. These are depositories primarily designed to guarantee access to a the research findings of a college's own faculty.

We are seeking knowledgable individuals to contribute survey questions relating to the following: 1) types of software used to develop and maintain the depository 2) best practices in encouraging contributions 3) cost of maintaining the depository 4) cost and practices in marketing the depository 5) cooperation with other depositories 6) measuring gains from depository use 7) digital rights management.

Please email the questions that you would like to see on the survey to: or simply post to the list.

Questions may be multiple choice, or call for a quantitative number, or brief essay in response.

If five or more questions are used in the survey you receive a free copy and those with 1-5 accepted questions receive a price break. Please respond by July 10, 2007.

PS:  This is not auspicious.  These collections are invariably called archives or repositories, not depositories; the results of this survey will not be OA; and the Primary Research Group doesn't seem to know that both ROAR and OpenDOAR answer the first question ("types of software used") without need for a survey.