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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Promoting OA journals from developing countries

The Summer issue of the INASP Newsletter is now online.  Excerpt:

Widening access to OpenAccess Journals published by
developing and emerging countries

INASP and the Library Head Office, Lund University have formed a partnership agreement to support widening access to Open Access Journals published by developing and emerging countries.

In order to increase the visibility of journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), information about the country of origin of journals will be added to the Directory and made searchable.

The DOAJ will be promoted and marketed to journals produced in the PERI network countries and materials will be developed which underline the advantages for the Open Access journals from these countries. Once developed, the materials will be sent to the journal editors.

The DOAJ staff will then undertake special follow-up, counselling and advice to journals/journal editors in order to assist appropriate journals to be able to deliver article level metadata for inclusion in the DOAJ service, thus making the journals more visible, more used and able to gain more impact. Furthermore the DOAJ staff will engage in communication with the journals editors in order to develop preservation policies, preservation arrangements etc.

The activities described above will be evaluated in December 2007 in order to determine their impact by measuring the number of Open Access journals from PERI countries and the number of these journals which are searchable on article level. A short report will be written to communicate the findings....