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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Open-source analysts rank 1, 2, and 3 in Top 50 list

In the Technobabble list of the Top 50 analyst bloggers (June 18, 2007), the top three positions went to James Governor, Stephen O’Grady, and Michael Coté, all of RedMonk

Here's how RedMonk describes itself:

RedMonk is the first analyst firm built on open source. We’re dedicated to providing high quality research at no cost, and believe that the dialog that follows is beneficial to us, our community and our clients....

RedMonk analysts spend their days learning from the communities that are defining the future of technology, distilling our findings into free research, and working with clients to explain the likely impact....

If you’re used to dealing with analyst firms that nickel and dime you, or ask you to pay for every insight, RedMonk will be a pleasant surprise. We share our learning freely, making our content available at no cost. We give back to variety of communities with both time and money, and always have time to help the little guy. When we say we’re different, we’re not kidding.

Also see Technonbabble's short essay, In praise of open source analysis, June 5, 2007.