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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Open access and open review at Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Ulrich Poeschl, "Interactive Open Access Publishing and Collaborative Peer Review," Forschung & Lehre, June 1, 2007.  I'm linking to the journal rather than the article because the article isn't yet online, apparently.  Thanks to Christoph Steinbeck for the alert and this summary:

An interesting article by Ulrich Poeschl on Interactive Open Access Publishing and Collaborative Peer Review in the latest issue "Forschung & Lehre" describes a publication process practiced for example by "Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics" and sister publications. In a first step, a submission is immediately published as a "discussion paper" in the online discussion forums of the journal ...

Both the comments of interested peers as well as those of the official peer reviewers (who may opt to be anonymous) immediately become publicly available together with the discussion paper. The forum is ISSN-registered and all comments are individually citable. If accepted, the final paper and whole discussion leading to its publication becomes openly and permanently accessible. Poeschl points out a number of advantages of this collaborative peer review process. a) The discussion papers allow for very rapid publication of results. b) There is a motivation for peer reviewers to provide high quality reviews, since those are openly accessible for the whole scientific community. c) For the reader, the review discussion maybe as enlightening as the article itself. d) The open review process may deter those authors submitting suboptimal manuscript in the hope to take advantage of reviewers work capacity. Ulrich Poeschl states that the above leads to a lower need for corrections and a lower rejection rate.