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Thursday, June 21, 2007

OA science videos

SciTalks is a new portal for OA videos about science.  (Thanks to ResourceShelf.)  From Tuesday's press release:

...[SciTalks] is a focused, searchable repository of video recordings of science lectures from all over the world. The site launches today with over 1,000 lectures online, and more are being added daily. Segments range from a series of hour-long lectures by the late Richard Feynman, to a short, hilarious Ali G interview with Noam Chomsky, and a fascinating talk on designing a semiconductor-based brain, by up-and-coming Stanford researcher Kwabena Boahen.

Access to is completely free; additionally, users can set up a free username and password to create their own collection of favorite videos, which can be shared with students, friends and colleagues....

Users can also submit links to additional lectures to be listed on the site, search for upcoming science conferences, and even upload their own video content -- the site has subcategories for academic, business and personal science lectures. Linked sites for lectures in the humanities, government and business are planned for launch in the next 3 months.

Unlike most existing sites, does not attempt to copy available content but simply provides url links to online sources, so that copyright holders such as universities and the lecturers themselves are able to maintain control over how the videos are used. At that level, the site is a targeted search engine with a user-friendly display that includes descriptive video captions and screenshots. In addition, the site is offering file upload and management tools based on SeeFile Software's SeeFile3 technology, so that scientists who want to put their lectures online will now have a purpose-built hosted forum to do so. The linked and hosted videos can be searched together in a consistent way, with pull-down categories for fields such as physics, biology and space science....