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Friday, June 29, 2007

OA education initiative for developing countries

The People's Open Access Education Initiative is a new OA project to improve healthcare and health education in developing countries.  From the site:

Help to build Public Health capacity in low- to middle-income countries, using open education resources freely available on the Internet

This education will involve partnerships and collaboration across the global and digital divides, and will be both credible and affordable

"A learning resource that is freely available, which makes use of already established material and seeks to modify it appropriately for local use"

From the Development Gateway Foundation:

The education programme will be low cost but highly credible, and the design embraces three aspects. First, identifying open access materials, linked to the competencies required to tackle public health problems, with subsequent modifications to the materials by teachers and students to reflect local issues. Second, teaching through on-line facilitation by volunteers in conjunction with members of local universities. Third, accrediting learned competencies....