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Saturday, June 02, 2007

OA doesn't solve the problem of deep web access

Walter Warnick, Problems of Searching in Web Databases, Science, june 1, 2007.  A letter to the editor.  Excerpt:

The issues described in the article “European Union steps back from open-access leap” (M. Enserink, News of the Week, 23 Feb., p. 1065) mask a deeper problem. Simply putting scientific content into Web-accessible databases will not make it easily available, because commonly used search engines do not crawl databases....

The U.S. R&D agencies have made a start at addressing this problem with [], which allows simultaneous search across 35 massive federal document databases. A new project, [PS:  no web site yet], will extend this model to include content housed by other national governments. But in the long run, someone needs to coordinate searches to all the major Web-accessible document databases in the world, most of which are nongovernmental.

Simple Web accessibility is a necessary condition for the diffusion of scientific knowledge, but it is not sufficient. The issue of open access, although important, pales in comparison to the problem of deep Web access.