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Saturday, June 09, 2007

OA at the U of Oldenburg

There's a short note about OA at the University of Oldenburg in the new DINI report, Changing Infrastructures for Academic Services: Information Management in German Universities (undated but announced this week).  Even though the report is online under a CC license, the PDF is locked (why?) and I only have time to rekey this paragraph from p. 347:

The strategic goal of the University of Oldenburg to extend its research profile requires [it] to disseminate the research results into the scientific communities in the best possible fashion by documenting and, after quality assurance, publishing them. IBIT supports scientists and researchers by providing a platform and services for electronic publishing to make their works openly accessible worldwide. The University of Oldenburg commits itself to the international movement for open access to scientific and scholarly information.

PS:  This is the first I've heard of an OA policy at Oldenburg.  Does the word "requires" in the first sentence refer to a publish-or-perish policy or to an OA mandate?  If the former, then what form does Oldenburg's commitment to OA take?  If anyone can shed light on this, please drop me a line or post a note to SOAF.