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Monday, June 04, 2007

OA and copyright reform

Hélène Bosc, Open Access and copyright reform, Opening Scientific Communication, June 1, 2007.  In French but with this English-language abstract:

Open Access (OA) is free online access to published research articles provided by and for researchers for uptake and usage in further research. OA can be provided by publishing in a conventional journal and making the postprint (refereed final draft) free online by self-archiving it or by publishing in an OA journal that makes the postprint free online.

It seems that after long years of unawareness and hesitation, researchers and policy makers have at last come to understand what is at stake, and are beginning to move more actively toward OA. Euroscience should use its influence to accelerate OA’s progress. This blog [Opening Scientific Communication] is a means to start a discussion on the subject, among researchers.

My question concerns the proponents of copyright reform. Is Open Access their real goal?

Looking at the physicists’ example, seeking copyright reform does not seem necessary today, if the objective is OA: copyright reform will follow of its own accord once the archives are being reliably filled. Right now it seems more important to focus efforts on ensuring that all researchers self-archive.