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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Never mind

Two weeks ago I blogged a Tom Matrullo interview with JSTOR's Bruce Heterick, in which Heterick said, or seemed to say, that JSTOR was considering OA:

...[T]he goal of open access is very much on [JSTOR's] mind.  “It’s not a question of if we should do it but when we can do it and not devolve our preservation goals,” [Heterick] says....

Matrullo has now blogged Heterick's clarification:

It isn’t really the case that JSTOR is thinking about “open access” as much as I was carrying forward the notion that JSTOR is always trying to “open access” more broadly to other communities (e.g. secondary schools, public libraries, developing nations). That is an important part of JSTOR’s mission (to extend access as broadly as possible), so perhaps I should have used the phrase “broaden access” instead of “open access” to avoid the confusion with much more highly-publicized “open access movement” (OA).

PS:  All right, noted.  But why isn't JSTOR considering OA?  Why not OA for the sufficiently old issues of participating journals on which JSTOR has already amortized its investment?  JSTOR is a non-profit corporation.