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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More on OA to law and and legal scholarship

Claire M. Germain, Legal Information Management in a Global and Digital Age: Revolution and Tradition, Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 07-005, April 27, 2007.  (Thanks to Lawrence Solum.) 

Abstract:   This article presents an overview of the public policy issues surrounding digital libraries, and describes some current trends, such as Web 2.0, the social network. It discusses the impact of globalization and the Internet on international and foreign law information, the free access to law movement and open access scholarship, and mass digitization projects, then turns to some concerns, focusing on preservation and long term access to born digital legal information and authentication of official digital legal information It finally discusses new roles for librarians, called upon to evaluate the quality of information; teach legal research methodology; and be advocates in information policy. Law librarians are encouraged to join professional associations and undergo continuous professional education. A recent development in the U.S.A., to add a legal research test on the bar exam, is of interest to the whole world, because it signifies the importance of a sound legal research training to the competent practice of law.