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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Milestone for RoMEO

SHERPA issued this announcement earlier today:

SHERPA is delighted to announce that its service RoMEO has doubled its entries in the past year and now lists 300 publisher policies on self-archiving.

Why is RoMEO important?

If an academic author wants to put their research article on-line, they are faced with an increasingly complex situation....[S]ome publishers prohibit authors using their own articles in this way. Others allow it, but only under certain conditions, while others are quite happy for authors to show their work in this way....

The RoMEO service...offers users the ability to:

  • View summaries of publishers' copyright policies in relation to self-archiving
  • View if publisher policies comply with funding regulations, as some publishers are too restrictive and cannot be used to publish funded research
  • To search journal and publisher information by Journal Title, Publisher Name and ISSN ...

PS:  Thanks and congratulations to SHERPA.  RoMEO is indispensable for the OA movement; and as it covers more publisher policies, it becomes even more indispensable.