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Friday, June 29, 2007

Lund launches an author's guide to scholarly journals

Lund University has launched Journal Info, an online tool to help scholars evaluate journals where they might submit their work.  The project has support from the National Library of Sweden.  (Thanks to Co-Action.)

This is another very useful service from the university that brought us the Directory of Open Access Journals and (with the U of Nottingham) OpenDOAR.

Journal Info is not limited to OA journals.  But when you look up a non-OA journal, it tells you that it's not OA and suggests some OA journals as alternatives.  For an example, see the entry for Advances in Cancer Research from Elsevier. 

The entry also tells you the publisher, ISSN, the self-archiving policy, subscription price per article, subscription price per citation, for- or non-profit status, and how the journal rates on some quality and impact metrics.  For rapid scanning, it gives a green tick mark for each parameter (e.g. access, price, impact) on which the journal falls into the top of half of the journals covered, and a red x when it falls into the bottom half.

Today the service covers 18,000 journals and is still growing.  For more information, see the FAQ, which is in English.  There is a long press release in Swedish (June 28) and a short one in English (June 29).