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Friday, June 29, 2007

July issue of Cites & Insights

The July issue of Walt Crawford's Cites & Insights is now online.  This issue contains a lengthy rebuttal to Mark Helprin's NYTimes op-ed arguing for perpetual copyrights and a lengthy new installment in his excellent series on Library Access to Scholarship.  In the latter, Walt takes on some recent examples of publisher extremism, including Brian Crawford's attack on OA ("[Brian] Crawford says, “The hypocrisy is breathtaking.” I [Walt Crawford] agree, but would suggest he’s looking in the mirror when he says that") and the ALPSP/AAP/STM position paper on balancing author and publisher rights ("about as unbalanced a statement of “balance” as I’ve seen").  Among his other topics:  the difficulty of ascertaining the costs of publishing a peer-reviewed journal article, the HHMI deal to pay Elsevier for green OA, and Rick Anderson's guest editorial on OA in Learned Publishing.