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Monday, June 25, 2007

Free online topic pages coming from Elsevier

Elsevier and FAST will offer free online "topic pages" on scientific topics.  (Thanks to ResourceShelf.)  From today's announcement: announced a partnership with Fast Search & Transfer (FAST(tm)) to create a new free online resource for the scientific community.  Hosted on Scirus, Elsevier's free search engine for scientific information, Topic Pages will pull together a variety of highly relevant academic information on a particular scientific topic of interest to researchers on a single web page.  The Topic Pages will utilize intelligent search capabilities from the FAST Enterprise Search Platform (ESP).

Topic Pages are an innovative way for scientists to communicate in an informal and flexible way. Each Topic Page will provide researchers with summaries of a specific topic written by an authority in the particular subject area, with direct links to relevant scholarly papers, abstracts and citations, supplemented with relevant websites and other online resources from Scirus. In the initial phase, authors for Topic Pages are invited through an editorial process facilitated through Elsevier publishing staff. As more pages are developed, additional authoring options will be considered....

At the official Topic Page launch later this year, the functionality of the Topic Pages will allow scientists and researchers to alter the content and provide feedback, allowing each topic to be shaped by the suggestions made by the research community. Based on this community approach, Topic Pages might be expanded to include capabilities such as the ability for researchers to link to their bibliographies and comment on other researchers' works. In addition, the Topic Pages will serve as a place to find peers, communicate with other scientists, upload and rate a wide variety of relevant sources and help to shape and influence the tools and information provided on the Topic Pages themselves.

Update. The Topics Pages site is now online, along with nine test pages. See e.g. the test pages on Evolutionary Economics and Serine Proteases.