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Saturday, June 09, 2007

A blog on OA in ophthalmology and dermatology

OATES : Open Access To Eye and Skin is a new blog by Sara Kuhn.  From the site:

A subject guide to open access scholarly publishing in ophthalmology and dermatology....

The Open Access to Eye and Skin blog is meant to assist scientists, doctors, researchers and librarians in finding, publishing, and discussing scholarly open access research in the global fields of ophthalmology and dermatology (as well as various cancers related to these fields). Please feel free to comment on the resources and on the state of open access in eye and skin research. This blog is for you.

PS:  I love the fact that OA is now big enough to call forth specialized resources like this one.  I also love the way Sara has posted TOC feeds from the major OA ophthalmology and dermatology journals directly to the blog sidebar --something that more general resources (like OAN) could never do.  Every research niche should have a blog like this one.