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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Search engine for OA market research honored

Reportlinker, the search engine specializing on OA market research, was just recognized with a Best Hope 2007 award from France's IE Club.  Details from the Reportlinker blog:

Reportlinker...won the prize “Best Hope 2007”, in the Services category. 30 projects have been selected by the IE-Club jury, among 120 companies, to become part of the “ITech-economy” leaders.

Reportlinker, launched on March 2007, has perfectly matched the criteria requested to be distinguished: be innovative, get the capacity to impact the international market and be able to lead this market....

Reportlinker is a vertical web 3.0 search engine dedicated to open access market research reports....Reportlinker provides accurate business information: more than 1,2 million reports, published by trusted sources (governments, embassies, national statistics agencies, trade unions…). The professional research engine also includes in its index many results from the deep web....