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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

APLA converts its journal to OA

Jennifer Richards reports that Canada's Atlantic Provinces Library Association has decided to convert the APLA Bulletin to OA.  From her announcement:

I am pleased to report that the Atlantic Provinces Library Association passed the following motions at their Ordinary General Meeting during the CLA/APLA/NLLA National Conference held in St. Johnís NL May 23-28, 2007:

Motion: It is moved that APLA support open access publishing, and begin with Volume 71 of the APLA bulletin, to be open access.

Motion: It is moved that APLA adopt a creative commons copyright statement with the first online issue, to replace the current copyright statement.

Both were passed unanimously.

I believe this makes APLA the second library association in Canada to fully support open access publishing.

PS:  Kudos to APLA.