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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another society journal converts to OA

The European Respiratory Society is converting its journal, European Respiratory Review, to OA.  Yesterday John Grumble blogged this excerpt from a recent email from ERR:

The ERS is committed to making educational and scientific material available to as wide an audience as is practical, and removing the access barriers on the ERR will allow many more people to read state-of-the-art reviews on topical issues in respiratory medicine, science and surgery. 

PS:  I have no reason to doubt the Grumble report, but I can't yet find confirmation at the ERS or ERR sites.  If anyone can send me an official source for this news, I'll blog the link.

Update.  Grumble just sent me a copy of the email from the ERS.  (Thanks, John.)  I still don't have a URL but I can post another excerpt from the email announcement:

With the launch on June 1, 2007 of the latest issue of the European Respiratory Review (ERR), the ERS is happy to announce that the ERR will become an Open Access journal.  This means that all ERR online content since 2005 will be accessible, free of charge, to anyone who wishes it.

The June 1 issue is not yet online and will probably contain an editorial on the conversion to OA.