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Monday, June 18, 2007

Open authoring and open review

Eric Mockensturm has launched a wiki, Open Source Publishing 2.0, outlining a proposal on which he is inviting collaboration.  Excerpt:

The idea of openness is gaining much momentum in our society as open source software becomes more popular, and vast amounts of information and data are openly available via the internet. The academic community has been one of the biggest proponents of openness as it is primarily concerned with education....However, one curiously closed system that is of primary importance to the academic community is the publishing and reviewing system....

Open source publishing refers to the openness of the authoring and reviewing process while open access refers to the openness to the reader. These two paradigms are related but need not be dependent on one another. However, it is the PIís hope that open source publishing will lead to open access....

Update. Also see Eric's blog post about the proposal (June 18, 2007) and the comments it has generated.