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Friday, May 04, 2007

Teresa Hackett and eIFL on access to knowledge

Teresa Hackett on Digital Libraries in Developing Nations, a 74-minute webcast from Harvard's Berkman Center, May 2, 2007.  From the description:

The role and mission of libraries is to collect, organise, preserve and make available the world’s cultural and scientific heritage for current and future generations. Publicly funded libraries operating for the public benefit support access to knowledge, as well as education and training, critical to developing nations whose human resource is central to their advancement. Digital technologies are transforming the way that libraries work. What new opportunities are being created? What challenges do we face and how is addressing them?

Teresa Hackett runs eIFL-IP “Advocacy for Access to Knowledge: copyright & libraries”, a programme to raise awareness in copyright issues for libraries in 50 developing and transition countries. The goal is to build capacity and expertise amongst the library community and to represent the interests of members in key international policy fora such as WIPO, UNESCO and the WTO....