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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Emancipatory teaching in an electronic age"

James Neill, Journey into use of free software, open formats, open access, and open licensing in academia, University of Canberra wiki, May 22, 2007. 

Abstract:   This article overviews an action-inquiry-based experimentation with an emancipatory approach to academic work in the 21st century electronic age. Universities generally request of academic staff the pursuit of three (inter-related) missions: teaching, research, and service. This article suggests four pillars which could help to support authentic pursuit of these missions: the use of free software, open file formats, open access materials, and placing of materials into the public domain or use of copyleft licensing. This approach was pursued within the the the context of teaching Survey Design & Methods in Psychology during Semester 1, 2007 at the University of Canberra as part of the institution's Researching Online Learning project. Institutional support and encouragement to experiment with an open academic approach was critical to the progress made.