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Friday, May 25, 2007

Profile of LEAP

Judith Winters, New ways to unlock potential of research, AHDS Newsletter, Spring/Summer 2007.  Excerpt:

AHDS Archaeology and the e-journal Internet Archaeology are working together on the LEAP project: Linking Electronic Archives and Publications. Judith Winters (editor of Internet Archaeology) provides a short summary of the main aims and objectives of the project

What is LEAP?

LEAP is a project to investigate novel ways to combine the interpretive analysis of publications with the underlying data of archives. To do this, the project will use four exemplars of multi-layered e-publications and e-archives. LEAP will also examine how new ways of combining publications and data can be applied beyond archaeology across the arts and humanities.

Aims of LEAP

  • To explore questions of linking between distributed archives and e-publications and to investigate the ways in which e-publications can be interactive, multi-layered and underpinned by supporting data.
  • To look at how multiple forms of dissemination can be used for different audiences.
  • To implement dynamic interfaces between and within resources that can accommodate different types of user.
  • To assess how far tailored interfaces are capable of long-term preservation.
  • To examine other questions which arise from this means of dissemination: quality control, peer review, IPR, citation....