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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Open data as part of any strategy to reduce global warming

Peter Murray-Rust, Avoiding Mass Extinction with OpenData, A Scientist and the Web, May 17, 2007.  Excerpt:

A very impressive talk yesterday by Gavin Starks about the challenge of Climate Change. If you ever have the chance to hear or meet him, do. The talk has been blogged by the indefatigable Talis/Nodalities (Paull Miller and (in this case) Rob Styles) as

Climate Change isnít about saving the planet

Gavinís message was simple - a necessary condition for saving the planet (and ourselves) is to have a consistent approach to using the available data. That means Open Data and Open Standards for using it.

As simple as that. How will future generations (if there are any) judge those people or organisations who did not share data?

Explore Gavinís Avoiding Mass Extinction Engine [AMEE]...a technical service that features

  • Measurement:  Access to standardised co2 data and calculations (including the official UK Government figures)
  • Profiling:  Store and retrieve personal footprints
  • Sharing and Transparency:  Help develop, extend, share and collaborate on the measurement of energy consumption....