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Friday, May 04, 2007

Notes on the OA panel discussion at UBC

Philip Johnson has blogged some notes on yesterday's panel discussion on OA at the University of British Columbia.  Excerpt:

Earlier today I attended the local open access talks I mentioned last week on Transformative Change in the System of Scholarly Communication & Publishing Worldwide: the Case for Open Access to Research. I particularly enjoyed the talk by Dr. John Willinsky on what all the fuss surrounding open access is (or used to be). He now says “used to be”, because he feels we’ve reached the tipping point, that open access has become popular enough that it will continue to grow on its own....

When open access journals are as widely read as their closed access cousins (and PLoS Biology is proving that it doesn’t take long to become a first rate journal), what incentive will there be to continue publishing in closed access journals?

If you ask me, there won’t be any. The second road being travelled by for-profits and society journals [embargoed OA] is only slowing, not stopping, the march to a fully open access culture in the sciences.