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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New OA journal on indigenous languages

The Northwest Journal of Linguistics is a new peer-reviewed OA journal.  (Thanks to Glyn Moody.)  From the about page:

The Northwest Journal of Linguistics is dedicated to the description and analysis of the indigenous languages of northwestern North America....NWJL fills a gap in our current resources by allowing the speedy publication of original work of the highest quality on the languages of the region. All submissions go through a process of anonymous peer review. Our editorial board consists of some of the top scholars on the languages in the region.

NWJL is committed to the collection and dissemination of primary language data. We encourage submissions of data-rich material; the electronic format allows for longer articles than normally accommodated in print journals and also allows the inclusion of supporting materials, such as audio and video clips, maps, and photographs....

Another feature of NWJL is that it is completely free and accessible world-wide. Forgoing a print version means we are able to avoid some of the costs that confront print journals. We thank Simon Fraser University for support that helps to defray the remaining costs. Our registration system allows us to alert interested scholars each time a new article is published on our site. Each article is assigned an issue number and posted as soon as it is ready.