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Thursday, May 17, 2007

New networking site and repository

Pronetos ("Professor's Network") is a new academic networking site and repository.  It hasn't quite launched yet, but it's online and its blog will keep you up to date on its progress.  From the site:

Pronetos will soon become the premier gathering place for scholars to collaborate, network, and publish their ideas.
We provide an intuitively designed, real-time, web based community platform that facilitates mass collaboration and democratizes content for global distribution among academics with the ability to archive and search that content. With Pronetos, ideas are shared at the speed of thought, and those who create them control them.

Pronetos is home to communities of every academic discipline – a global think-tank of the leaders in your field. We’re making it easy for you to stay connected to your colleagues, wherever they may be. Pronetos is a place for you to network, and build and share ideas with the greatest minds in your field.

What can you do with Pronetos? Publish your life’s work. Share an idea with colleagues, and get real time feedback. Post messages. Start a blog. Upload podcasts of your lectures. Post your curriculum materials. Use Pronetos as a repository for papers in your field – they’ll be indexed, searchable, publicly available and secure. You create, edit, and moderate the community and the content and we provide the technology – free. This site is by scholars, of scholars, and for scholars....