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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New blog on data sharing

On April 30, Heather Piwowar launched Research Remix, a new blog on data sharing and reuse.  (Thanks to Bill Hooker.)  From her about page:

[T]he goal of this blog is to capture my notes as I flail around learning everything I can about data sharing and re-use, with the short-term goal of writing my biomedical informatics doctoral dissertation literature review. Taking notes here out in the open in case it interests anyone else along the way.

See for example her post from yesterday, Nonresponse to data sharing requests:

A few years ago, as I expressed frustration due to lack of a reply from a corresponding author, a professor summarized his experience: one third of authors do not reply when contacted, one third reply but are not able or willing to supply requested data, and one third reply and do supply the information.

Iíve since run across two published reports [one, two] which quantify the nonresponse to data sharing requests. Does anyone have others? ...

What a sorry state of affairs.  In some ways it is understandable. Sharing data is hard. People are busy.  But isnít sharing data part of a scientistís job description?