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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The MRC and BHF OA mandates in action

James Mitchell Crow, Scientists seek indicators of illness, Chemistry World, May 22, 2007.  Excerpt. 

A 17 million fund has been set up by the UK's Medical Research Council (MRC) for research into biomarkers, the tell-tale body chemicals that are associated with particular diseases....

The MRC have contributed 8 million to the fund, with a further 1 million from the British Heart Foundation and 8 million from a range of pharmaceutical and analytical science companies. Money has been awarded on condition that the results are made freely available in open access scientific journals. The projects will run for three years....


  • Both the Medical Research Council and British Heart Foundation require OA to the research they fund.  But their policies require deposit in an OA repository, not publication in an OA journal (see their policies here and here respectively).  I suspect that Crow simply mixed these up. 
  • What's new and promising (but not unprecedented) is that "a range of pharmaceutical and analytical science companies" would contribute to a research fund with an OA mandate.  Kudos to the leadership in all the contributing companies.