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Monday, May 21, 2007

More on open data at XTech 2007

Rufus Pollock has blogged some notes about XTech 2007: The Ubiquitous Web (Paris, May 15-18, 2007).  Excerpt:

Last week I was at the XTech conf along with Jo Walsh in order to present in the Open Data track. We built on our recent discussion to argue for the fundamental importance of componentization in developing the Open Data/Knowledge ecosystem — you can find the slides of our talk (entitled Open Data and Componentization) here.

Being here for the week has been a great experience. With one of the four streams being dedicated to Open Data the conference has been a chance to see and chat with a whole bunch of other projects and people, some of which I knew about before, but many of which I did not (or had not met in person).

Coming out of this was a really good sense of convergence in understanding as to what we need to do: add licenses to data, get a consensus on what ‘openness’ is, find ways to add knowledge APIs so we can plug difference corpora together. It is also very heartening to see the growing maturity of many of the tools and resources — e.g. PubMed, the World Wide Molecular Matrix, time visualization tools, gene databases — though I would say we still find it very hard to plug different resources together — where that has been achieved it is usually thanks to a high degree of agreement in terminology and standards combined with a significant commitment to add the associated structures into the data....