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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More on finding OA papers in medicine

Sandra Porter, Finding scientific papers for free, part III: my new favorite method, Discovering Biology in a Digital World, May 23, 2007.  Excerpt:

This is the third, and last part in a three part series on finding free scientific papers. You can read the first part here: Part I: A day in the life of an English physician and the second part, where I compare different methods, here.

Today, I will show you how to use my new favorite method....

1. Go to the NCBI.

2. Choose the link to PubMed. (It's in the top blue bar, under the DNA icon)

3. Click the Limits tab....

4. Click the box next to "Links to free full text."

5. Select any other Limits that might apply.

I often pick English for the language since I can't read any other language. I wouldn't try to impose too many limits at first....You can always narrow the search later.

6. Enter your search terms and click "Go."

7. Click the Review tab if you wish to read reviews, click links to the articles if you wish to see the abstract and get a link to the publication....

Where to find more info...

1. Cancer Biology covers the different types of literature databases, Boolean operators, combining queries, limiting searches, and using the search history.

2. Allelic Variants of Superoxide Dismutase demonstrates many ways to find information about genetic diseases, and includes my topic for today; how to find free papers in PubMed.

3.  Some of yesterday's readers contributed their favorite search strategies in the comments section.  If you're looking for specific papers, these are some great ideas....   

PS:  For background, see the excerpts from Part I and Part II that I blogged here yesterday.