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Friday, May 25, 2007

More on CERN's project to convert particle physics journals to OA

Travis C. Brooks, Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics: A Brief Introduction for the non-Expert, a preprint posted to arXiv May 23, 2007. 

Abstract:   Open Access to particle physics literature does not sound particularly new or exciting, since particle physicists have been reading preprints for decades, and for 15 years. However new movements in Europe are attempting to make the peer-reviewed literature of the field fully Open Access. This is not a new movement, nor is it restricted to this field. However, given the field's history of preprints and eprints, it is well suited to a change to a fully Open Access publishing model. Data shows that 90% of HEP published literature is freely available online, meaning that HEP libraries have little need for expensive journal subscriptions. As libraries begin to cancel journal subscriptions, the peer review process will lose its primary source of funding. Open Access publishing models can potentially address this issue. European physicists and funding agencies are proposing a consortium, SCOAP3, that might solve many of the objections to traditional Open Access publishing models in Particle Physics. These proposed changes should be viewed as a starting point for a serious look at the field's publication model, and are at least worthy of attention, if not adoption.