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Thursday, May 24, 2007

More on AZoM's OA journals that pay authors

Financial rewards for nanotech science authors and peer reviewers, a press release from ("The A to Z of Materials"), May 22, 2007.  (Thanks to Jim Till.)  Excerpt:

The AZo Journal of Nanotechnology Online...has recently notified all authors and peer reviewers of their revenue share earnings for the last 12 month period.

Authors of the most popular papers have earned in excess of $500 for their contributions under the AZoNetwork Patented OARS (Open Access Revenue Share) scheme and peer reviewers have earned between $100 and $500 for their efforts.

Due to the free and open access nature of the journal and the size of the online audience, which now exceeds 350,000 monthly visitor sessions, the most popular AZoJono paper has been viewed more than 17,000 times in the last 12 months.

Professor Chennupati Jagadish, Federation Fellow at the Australian National University and member of the AZoJono peer review team commented, "The AZo Journal of Nanotechnology Online (AZoJono) has been leading the open access publications in Nanotechnology with timely publication of manuscripts as well as rewarding authors, reviewers and editors for their efforts. The number of downloads of some of the papers published in AZoJono has been phenomenal."

Don Maclurcan, from the Institute for Nanoscale Technology, University of Technology, Sydney and an AZoJono author commented, "Quality publishing with an online, open-access journal that financially rewarded its authors and reviewers seemed beyond belief. I was wrong. Not only were my papers rapidly disseminated around the globe but I also received a nice Christmas bonus!"

Dr. Ian Birkby, the inventor of the OARS scheme and CEO of the operator of, the online publisher, AZoNetwork, commented,... "Although we accept it is unlikely that financial reward is the main aim of authors, it is nevertheless significant that we have proved that high quality science writing can be rewarded financially whilst at the same time be distributed in a true open access format. Although the current results are but a small beginning, we believe they nevertheless represent a significant change in the scientific publishing landscape and we look forward to employing our Open Access Revenue Share scheme into other scientific disciplines."

PS:  Recall that earlier this month AZoM won a Hitwise Australia award for online leadership in manufacturing and industry.  For more on AZoM's patented OA business model, my comment in SOAN for October 2005.