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Thursday, May 17, 2007

John Woods on JISC on OA

Judy Redfearn, Facing the data deluge, JISC Inform, Spring 2007.  An interview with John Wood, chair of JISC's Support of Research Committee and the JISC Scholarly Communications Group.  The interview is also available as a podcast.  Excerpt:

...The JISC Scholarly Communications Group, which Professor Wood also chairs, is working to make data more readily available through online publications. It is also investigating alternative models of publishing which would enable readers to access research results free of charge, known as Open Access publishing. ‘The future challenges for the group are linking data to publications and what form of Open Access do we want. The work that is going on between JISC, the Research Councils and others to review the impact of different Open Access models is very, very valuable,’ he says....