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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to convince researchers and management

The Newsletter for May/June 2007 has some notes on the Sensitization Workshop for Institutional Repositories and Open Access for Scholarly Communication (Maseru, Lesotho, April 24-26, 2007).  Excerpt:

...Susan Veldsman attended this important event for the library community in Lesotho and for Swaziland. Hussein Suleman, Eve Gray and Monica Hammes were the resource people who joined her. This meeting was well attended by 40 librarians (systems, acquisitions and information), researchers, lectors, registrars and PVCs of institution.  The presentations were well received and attendees were left inspired and motivated.

The action points that were identified at the end of the workshop by ways of discussion groups were:

How to convince researchers and management

  • Do more research on IR/OA to be better informed, look up other archives that are Open Access;
  • Spread the message by word-of-mouth;
  • Set up steering committees;
  • Look into cost implications to convince management;
  • Approach IT people for more support, then approach management/researchers;
  • Install and experiment with open software for IRs;
  • Find active researchers who publish and mentor, find management champions;
  • Try to determine how they will resist and deal with this by formulating active policies;
  • Educate researchers and management;
  • Argue for immediate recognition of research.