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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Enhancing journal TOCs with links to OA reviews

Noel O’Boyle, Add quotes from PostGenomic and Chemical Blogspace to journal, Noel O'Blog, May 1, 2007. 

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to rewrite the HTML of a webpage on-the-fly. Pedro Beltrão was the first to think of adding a link to journal Table of Contents pages whenever a particular paper had been reviewed on I extended Pedro's script to include a clickable pop up of the actual blog post as described by Egon.

I have just released a new version, described on the Blue Obelisk wiki and available from User scripts. This incorporates comments from both Postgenomic and Chemical Blogspace, although you can use the menu to choose just one or the other.

Thanks to Peter Murray-Rust for the alert and this comment:

This is very exciting. It makes your browser a semantic lens for a whole host of journals. The chemical blogosphere is becoming the primary place where the chemical literature is reviewed as soon as it is published (or sometimes before!)

PS:  This is a wonderful, unexpected example of one trend I tried to describe in the May issue of SOAN:  "Once we have OA to literature and data, we can add layers of utility indefinitely."