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Monday, May 28, 2007

ChemRefer and ChemSpider bond

Antony Williams, Open Access Chemistry Articles - ChemRefer and ChemSpider Nuptials, ChemSpider Blog, May 28, 2007.  Excerpt:

There are tens of thousands of open access chemistry articles now available via the web and the work of thought-leaders such as Will Griffiths at ChemRefer is making these articles accessible with simple searches. Bringing together structure based searches of the ChemSpider database with the text-based searches of ChemRefer seemed like a natural marriage, so down the aisle we went.

When you come to the home page of ChemSpider you will now see the link to ChemRefer as we are now hosting an instance of the system. We presently offer access to over 50,000 Open Access Articles and will be working with Will to expand this list in the foreseeable future.

The ChemSpider database has now crossed 14.5 million structures and we will shortly be using text-linking to connect some of these structures to the ChemRefer indexed Open Access articles as a future part of a project for deeper integration with ChemRefer.

The team of people working together to develop ChemSpider is about to expand to six people - a team generally working only in their spare time to develop a system that hopes to contribute value to the Open Access Chemistry community. If you’d like to join the ChemSpider effort please contact us and let us know your interests and how you might want to contribute. At present we are looking for new property predictors to add to the system , the possibility to generate 3D coordinates for the molecules contained with the database and sources of new data to add to the database.