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Sunday, May 20, 2007

CCAHTE Journal converting to OA

Cheryl McLean, CCAHTE Journal Achievements and Challenges, Crossing Borders, May 17, 2007.  McLean is the editor and publisher of the CCAHTE Journal.  (CCAHTE = Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education.)  Excerpt:

Back here again on the business front, as founder and publisher of CCAHTE Journal, it has been an exciting and challenging ride. I have personally invested a year and a half to launch this endeavor and I have done this enthusiastically and without guarantees. However, the excitement and privilege of being active in the publishing industry in Canada and evolving toward Open Access at this historic time in academic publishing has been infinitely rewarding....

There are many Open Access academic journals coming on line today, and a number of these sustain their free and open accessible operations with some form of publisher's fees so that publishers can continue to make the information available via internet and web technology while covering the costs to do so. These fees are frequently offset or covered by funding agencies, as part of the grant that their publicly funded research can reach the widest possible audience....

We will be seeking potential corporate sponsorships. As is the case with the Open Access journal, Open Medicine, we will not be accepting advertising or sponsorships from the pharmaceutical industry. We will be seeking sponsors, advertising and other funding avenues to help sustain what has become an important, even critical, new international vehicle for research and information in the field and we will be open to your thoughts and suggestions in this regard.