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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SSHRC funding program will help OA journals

Aid to Open-Access Research Journals, a new funding program from Canada's Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).  (Thanks to Heather Morrison.)  From the page:

SSHRC recognizes that the peer-reviewed scholarly journal is a primary tool for fostering intellectual debate and inquiry. Today, new information and communications technologies are beginning to change the way research results are published and disseminated. Open-access journals, published online and made available to the reader without charge, are allowing for increased and more broad-based and efficient access to scholarly literature, and, ultimately, knowledge.

SSHRC welcomes this change and, through this Aid to Open-Access Research Journals program, will contribute to maximizing the national and international impact of advanced scholarship in the social sciences and humanities....

The objectives of this program are to:

  • assist journals offering barrier-free access to peer-reviewed scholarship in the social sciences and humanities;
  • increase readership, both nationally and internationally, for research journals that publish original scholarship in the social sciences and humanities;
  • allow SSHRC to test a new funding model and approach to adjudicating grant applications from research journals, in preparation for the revised research journals support program, which will be launched in 2008-09....

[F]unds will be awarded to help defray the costs of publishing scholarly articles. Grants are to be considered a contribution to the journalís operating costs for production and distribution. Eligible expenses include those related to:

  • management of the peer-review process (including honoraria provided to support staff);
  • editing (including staff salaries, release time and travel expenses);
  • purchasing software;
  • preparing copy (including typesetting, copy-editing and translation);
  • document layout (including image presentation, and converting images to digital formats);
  • technical assistance;
  • marketing and other promotional activities;
  • electronic-publication service providers....

Grants are tenable for 12 months and are not renewable. The maximum value of a grant is $25,000....

The application deadline for the current funding cycle is June 30, 2007.  The results will be announced in September.