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Saturday, April 21, 2007

A snag with the Swiss OA mandate

Donat Agosti, Urheberrecht als Hindernis für die Forschung, NZZ Online, April 20, 2007.  Read it in German or Google's English.

Here are the two key paragraphs, translated for OAN by Agosti himself:

Despite the fact that the president of the Council of the Swiss Science Foundation, Dieter Imboden, recently decided that recipients of awards are required to self archive through personal or institutional repositories at the respective universities, there is not legal basis what can be offered in such a repository. These new repositories --such as ZORA at the University of Zurich, will thus only slowly be populated because the entertainment industry’s aggressive prosecution of copyright piracy led to a big uncertainty....

A clearcut law which would state that essentially all works have to be open for indexing and should be searchable on the Internet would be an important solution, and it would open the door for full text searches. This would not necessarily mean, that the publications are also open access. But it would allow developing adequate new licences between the publishers and the authors, as well as new forms of publications reflecting new possibilities to enhance the return for money spent in science....