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Monday, April 30, 2007

Registry and support for Australian repositories

The Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (APSR) has launched Online Research Collections Australia (ORCA).  Excerpt from the April issue of the APSR Newsletter:

APSR has recently established Online Research Collections Australia (ORCA) with the twofold aims of developing an online registry of Australian research collections and a coordinating network to support researchers with the ongoing development of these collections. These are known as the ORCA Registry project and the ORCA Network.

The ORCA Registry project has been established to improve the capacity of institutional repositories, archives and data centres to create and share collection-level information and resources. Its aims are to develop a discovery portal for collections information (that is, information about research collections) and a services registry.

The main priority addressed by the ORCA Registry is to provide a better discovery environment for data collections....

Coordination of support for online research collections is the job of the ORCA Network which includes all APSR partners....

The human and social network provided by ORCA will bring together eResearchers, collection managers and “eResearch technologists” (data scientists and domain-specific informatics specialists)....