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Monday, April 23, 2007

Red Hat supports open-source science

Matt Asay, Red Hat: Let's open source science next, Open Sources (a blog for InfoWorld), April 19, 2007.  Excerpt:

Red Hat, ever the open source innovator, has kicked off a partnership with the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina Research Campus to help germinate the open source mindset and mechanics in biotechnology, bioinformatics, public policy, and healthcare research....

As Joanne Rhode, Worldwide EVP of Operations at Red Hat, suggests, and as Allison echoes in her blog, this is about making open source bigger than software:

Our goal is to make collaboration and open source come to life in the field of clinical research. With our partners, we will identify specific projects where the sharing of information will lead to better, more accurate research. In turn this research will enable real-life solutions to be developed across both the public and private sector at the North Carolina Research Campus....

But as more and more research becomes corporatized, instead of government or university-led, we're in danger of losing "pure science." Open source science mitigates against this.

Kudos to Red Hat for thinking outside the software box. Open source is a methodology and a mentality that...will bring integrity and value to software. Surely, it can help to do the same in other areas, like clinical research.

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